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Find Balance, Comfort and Confidence Riding

Improve Your Riding with Simple Weekly Exercises

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go through a journey

Of discovering who your horse is, and how the two of you can be connected and happy - on the ground and in the saddle.

You will improve your connection with your horse on the ground, working in each of the 3 types of groundwork.

When we start the riding component, we focus on balance first. You’ll get back to simply enjoying the movement of your horse and feeling how you can move effortlessly with them.

Then we improve your aids – the way of communicating with your horse while riding – so that your horse can be light and responsive. We work up through all three of the riding gaits, including posting and sitting the trot without bouncing, and riding the canter with ease. 

You will learn not just what to do, but why and how.

Now that you are balanced and stable, we’ll add finesse to your ride, teaching your horse to lengthen his topline, lift his back, and become soft and supple.

Finally, you will level up all areas of your riding, through increasing your horse’s strength with dressage movements, to jumping in total balance, and hitting the trails, confident in your abilities to handle obstacles or spooks.

“I can't begin to express how this course has changed my world in horses” ~ Rosanne Wellmaker

“I am loving this course! You are truly an inspirational educator” ~ Mary Beth

“Any lesson online that offers many aha moments is worth its weight in gold!” ~ Linda C

“Your way of explaining riding and training is so concise and easy to understand” ~ Eileen Shaw

“Your approach is so positively based and therefore so kind and gentle while still being very effective. You work
with the horse and not against him” ~ Brooks Debra Conforti


Feel Secure &
Confident Riding

Connect with and Teach
Your Horse Through
Learning Psychology

Solve Riding or Training
Problems with
Simple Exercises (and
our example library)

Enjoy Groundwork
that is Fun for You
and Your Horse

Core Lesson Modules in the
Balanced Riding Course

​Lesson 1 Think Like a Horse

Have you ever felt completely confused by a horse – why does he act like this? Why won’t he just do what I am asking? Why does he do this for other people and not me? Or what about different training methods… which one should I follow, if any?

In Lesson 1, you will be empowered with a deep understanding of the psychology of the horse, and the science of training. You will be able to identify what is causing certain problems with your horse, and how to work through them. and feeling as though there is nothing to show for your efforts.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve got limited time to ride. So make every ride count. Have fun, learn, and improve you and your horse.

​Lesson 2 Having Fun on the Ground

In this second lesson, we are going to be focusing on everything that we do with our horses on the ground. Many riding issues can be helped or resolved on the ground, and for those new to horses, the ground can be a safer place to become accustomed to reading horses and anticipating what they might do next.

​Lesson 3 Follow the Movement

In this lesson we begin riding by covering the principles of riding that remain regardless of discipline.

We start at the beginning, finding our alignment in the saddle. Then I will show you how to use the different riding aids to communicate with the horse, and not just your legs or your hands on the reins, but what to do with your body and seat to find those tiny, imperceivable cues that look invisible to anyone watching.

​Lesson 4 Go, Stop & Turn

In this lesson we will be advancing your riding, working through how we influence the speed and direction of the horse without tensing or losing balance, as well as how to ride the basic three gaits of walk, trot, and canter.

​Lesson 5 Finessing the Ride

​In this lesson, we begin paying more attention to our horse’s movement and how we can improve their movement, helping them to become stronger, more balanced, and more athletic.

​We will also be considering many common problems under saddle and discussing specific solutions to help with these problems.

​Lesson 6 Leveling Up

In Lesson 6, we level up – studying the basic movements in dressage, learning the fundamentals of jumping, and getting out on the trail, ready to handle even challenging riding situations.

Along with your 6 Lesson Modules
you will also receive:

“Along for the Ride”
The Along for the Ride Audio Lessons will help you apply all that you learn through the course. With these lessons, its as though I am right there on your shoulder, helping you each stride of the way.

6 Video Coaching sessions
where I can give provide specific exercises by seeing what you and your horse need most - to fast track your progress!

The Digital Course Workbook reinforces your learning by having an easy to access manual.

Complete the checklist of assignments for each lesson to practice exactly what you need to move forward.

Lifetime Access
Work at your own pace and never worry about falling behind. Come back to review the videos as often as you need and to go through the advanced sections as your own skills improve.

Messages from Alumni Students...

Challenges equal opportunities

Riding after a fall

3 Bonus Mini Courses included FREE!

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Getting the Most Out of
Your Riding Lessons

I just take weekly lessons, and I don’t own a horse…

No problem, when you join BRC, you’ll also get my Mini Course Getting the Most Out of Your Riding Lessons.

In this Mini Course we cover how to handle common lesson horse behavior, how to communicate with your riding instructor, tips for riding in groups and more! ($47 value)

Getting Started with Horses
+ Horse Care 101

I’m a beginner… should I wait until I’m more experienced?

I think new riders need the best instruction. It’s a huge advantage to learn the correct way the first time and create good habits right from the start.

The Balanced Riding Course is excellent for new riders, and just to make sure we’ve covered even the smallest details for you, I’ve included my Getting Started with Horses and Horse Care 101 courses. ($97 value)

5 Minute Fitness Series

If you have ever felt like your level of fitness, strength or balance are holding you back in your riding,.. you’ll love this new bonus series!

I have curated my favorite exercises for developing balance, building strength, and improving mobility – all important pieces of your riding fitness!

Each week join in with a 5 minute exercise set that is simple and easy to practice alongside your Balanced Riding Course lessons for that week.
($47 value)

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Live Online Coaching, a Vibrant Community, and Personalized Support

Join Today and Get full membership in our NEW Leg Up Coaching Club for all of 2021!

Live Online Coaching, a Vibrant Community, and Personalized Support

You'll also Get 112 Months in Training Journals FREE!

Want to see examples of what you learn about training in the Balanced Riding Course with real horses? This is exactly what you get with Training Journals – watch horses in different stages of their training learning and progressing. ($299 value)

Also included within Training Journals are numerous Deep Dive Mini Courses, each focusing on a different horse care topic. Not sure what to feed your horse? Have questions about hoof care or choosing the right saddle? You’ll find answers and entertainment in Training Journals.

New videos are posted weekly in Training Journals, so you will have ongoing new resources and inspiration all year! PLUS get access to our popular Goal Setting Workshop so you can review and revise your goals as you make progress!

Wondering if your question, interest, or issue is covered in Training Journals?

Training Examples

Deep Dive Topics

Types of Horses

From Your Instructor Callie King

I would love to have you in the Balanced Riding Course and become your riding coach. Together, we can make your riding dreams happen!

It takes practice and learning, but the feelings of connection, pride of achievement, and knowing you are being the best you can be for your horse is worth it!

I look forward to seeing you in the Balanced Riding Course!

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