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Leave behind the stress of daily life and spend a renewing, relaxing, and supportive weekend with like-minded equestrians, while nurturing body, mind, spirit and heart-connections (with humans and horses!)  

Students will learn tools to become a more mindful equestrian from ground to saddle while exploring the many parallels of yoga & horsemanship.

Join Cathy Woods, long-time yoga retreat leader, horsewoman, national presenter, creator of Body, Mind, Equine and author of best selling yoga and horsemanship book for a unique weekend, exploring the parallels of yoga and horsemanship.

You’ll leave this heart-centered experience renewed, refreshed and with new horsemanship, yoga and life-skills.

Cathy Woods

Meet Your Instructor

Cathy Woods

Cathy Woods is a pioneer in combining yoga and horsemanship to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle through the use of yoga postures and principles; supporting mindfulness in horsemanship and supporting equestrian wellness.

Living a life-long yogic lifestyle (and study with a variety of teachers and gurus, combined with self-learning) gives Cathy insight to the true teachings of yoga beyond just postures. 

Though having a deep understanding of the practice and embodying it, Cathy can teach in a very practical, relatable and non esoteric way.  

You will be studying with a Yogini, a woman dedicated to yoga, yogic teachings and yogic traditions, not just a yoga/exercise instructor. 

Cathy’s trademarked, Body, Mind, Equine program was created from 31+ years of yoga teaching experience, combined with being a long-time horsewoman and avid trail rider. 

Cathy has taught yoga to equestrians and non-equestrians since 1991 at distinguished locations around the United States.

Cathy has also written for and been featured in numerous online and print publications such as: Horse & Rider Magazine, Horse Illustrated, Equus, Cowgirl Magazine, Western Horse & Gun Magazine, EQAMerica, Yoga Digest,, Equitrekking, Flying Changes Magazine and others. 

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Bring the Teachings of Yoga to Your Riding

During the 3-day fully immersive experience you will:

  • Begin each day with morning meditation and yoga (good stretches for riders) and set the tone for your day and your interactions with your horse. 
  • Learn to use yoga postures & principles to improve your horsemanship from ground to saddle. Such as: Body, breathing & energy awareness, slowing down, self-correction, releasing tension, breath-work, increased strength, flexibility, balance, feel & symmetry – ground work for the human! 
  • Explore the parallels of yoga and horsemanship in a fun, nurturing supportive, small group setting – from the yoga mat to ground & mounted arena experiences.  
  • Become a more mindful equestrian and better partner for your horse by becoming a more skilled-human. 
  • Work on creating your personal practice. 
  • Experience heart-connections with humans and horses.
  • Enjoy a mindful, equine grooming session. 
  • Return home relaxed and empowered with new yoga, horse and life-enrichment skills.

Any level of yogi or rider welcome, we work with you from where you are! 

Note: This is not a program about doing acrobatics on horseback, but rather mindful movements that have true value to the rider and are safe for the horse. 

Join Us at Body, Mind, Equine for yoga practices on the mat and in the saddle, learning to let go of tension, moving and breathing with your horse.  

*This clinic is not just for riders but for anyone who interacts with horses such as groundwork, liberty work, equine facilitated therapy and the like.

 As a participant in this clinic, you will be able to bring your own horse or you will be paired with one of the Master School Horses available through HorseClass. Join us!


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NOTE: Stay NOT included but available upon request.

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