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Better Riding in 7 Days

BOnus 8 of 7

Importance of Positive Attitude
and Building on Success

I just wanted to share this final thought with you...

Thank you for tuning back in for one final day!
Keep moving forward, one step at a time, and remember to honor the process, enjoy the learning, and have fun!


Video 1: Understand Your
Horse Behavior and Training Mini Lesson

Video 2: Find Your Immoveable Seat

Video 3: Breathing - How to Breathe for
Calmness, Balance, and Better Rhythm

Video 4: Standing Exercise for Better Balance

Video 5: Find Your Perfect Leg Position

Video 6: Develop Soft, Following Hands

Video 7: Ride Without Stirrups

Video 8: Importance of Positive Attitude and
Building on Success

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