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Be a Balanced Rider

Step-by-Step Lessons and Coaching to be a
Better Partner for Your Horse

New Rider Exercise Series Bonus Added!

There is joy in riding.

Freedom. Calm. Partnership and Connection.

The feeling of being with the horse, of moving, flowing with them.

Being astride, settling into the saddle, holding the reins, seeing their ears flick back and forth and their soft eyes watching.

From the calm of ambling down a trail, surrounded by nature, with only the sounds of your horse’s steps…

To the thrill of soaring over a jump, feeling the power and agility of the horse…

Or riding a rolling canter across a grassy field.

But it isn’t just the riding.

Any time with our horses is special.

Have you ever buried your nose in your horse’s mane, and breathed in the smell of horse hair, hay, and fresh air?

Or felt the tickling of their soft nose and whiskers against your hand as you are nuzzled?

It is these moments that make it all worthwhile.

All the time and the challenges,
the bouncing in the saddle trying to learn balance,
the hanging on for dear life during a spook,
the wondering “am I pulling on too much?”, the “am I doing this right”, the sore legs?

In the end, it’s worth it.

For the sound of a happy horse munching hay,
For the canter that feels like you are riding a cloud,
For the whinny of your horse waiting for you at the gate.

Hi, my name is Callie

I have been teaching riding for 18 years, and my passion is creating more of these “worth it” moments for my students around the world.

So often, riding instruction is confusing.
Or worse, it is dangerous.

I teach my riders with a holistic approach, bringing together the alignment and technique of balanced riding with learning to communicate with the horse through evidence based training.

I help riders from all disciplines, from dressage to western, hunter/jumpers to trail riders.

My instruction is different, because I don’t just love riding and training.


10 years ago, I started creating videos for the students at my farm, to help them learn and practice between our weekly lessons. Then I began sharing these videos on my website.

Frustrated with all the myths and misinformation being taught, I wanted to create a home study program for riders that gave them everything they needed, from understanding their horse’s behavior, to basic training, to secure, safe riding principles.

and so The Balanced Riding Course was born!

Today, we have thousands of students from all around the world, from all major disciplines. Riders who are just starting out and experienced equestrians who want to understand the “missing pieces” they were never taught.
In this enrollment period, I invite you to join us.

Because You Can Be the Rider You Dream Of Being.

No matter where you are today, and whatever challenge you may be facing.
You can do this.
One step at a time, skill by skill, I will help you get there.
And I will help you find joy in all of it.
You can feel confident at ANY level, and you can create the connection with your horse that you are yearning for.
I know, because I have helped many riders do just this.
Before I tell you more about the course, here is what I think of when I think of a Balanced Rider…

Balanced Riding is more than just sitting pretty in the saddle.

A Balanced Rider:

As a Balanced Rider, you can pursue your biggest riding goals, while feeling connected to your horse.

I have helped 1000s of riders from around the world become Balanced, Confident Riders,
and I’d love to help you too!

How can this series help you?

Interactive Learning
with Video and
Printed Workbook

Case Studies
in Each

Personal Feedback
Video Coaching

Holistic Approach
that applies to
All Riders

I’ve packed a lifetime of riding instruction in the Balanced Riding Course.

Let’s unpack it to see what I have for you!

Module 1  Who is the horse?

In Module 1, you’ll appreciate the history of the amazing horse. It’s a species that has thrived across the entire planet – and even helped build our modern world. 

We’ll explore how the horse experiences the world. Specifically, we’ll unpack how the differences in our sensory experiences can easily lead to misunderstandings. Comparing their perception to ours leads us to look at behavior, what influences the horse to “do what he does,” and what “normal” is for a horse. 

You’ll discover:

  • How horses sense things differently than humans (How they see differently… hear differently, and what that means for your training)
  • What influences a horse’s behavior (hint: it’s not just one thing) 
  • Why horses act the way they do
  • What motivates horses and which behaviors are instinctive versus learned

My confidence soared, and I can go back and review when/if needed! I feel my horses, and I have bonded tremendously with the positive reinforcement method. They learn so quickly this way. Thank you, Callie!


Module 2  The Science and Art of Training

Training techniques and riding advice are easy to find but rarely explained. Now you can learn what underlies effective training. You’ll understand the actual learning mechanisms that make any technique effective or ineffective

You’ll also learn the essential physical skills that keep you balanced in the saddle. By gaining better balance and alignment through achieving a physical position that works for your body, you’ll discover how to give precise cues, along when to use those cues or aids and what they mean to your horse. 

With the information in this module, you will evaluate any training method or technique, communicate effectively with your horse, and choose the methods you need. 

You’ll discover:

  • The training techniques that help you change your horse’s behavior (and why they work) 
  • way to work through any training problem using my 6-step Problem Solver Checklist
  • How to “thin-slice” a behavior for results 
  • The truth about many desensitization techniques (along with positive and fun ways to “despook” your horse)

I am only on week 2 but can’t say enough good about this course. I absolutely love Callie’s way of teaching. She is so thorough and makes things easy to understand.

— Elizabeth Maxwell

Module 3  Healthy, Balanced Movement

How our horses move affects how they feel physically and emotionally.

Becoming mindful of how they move is essential to building a good relationship and establishing a sense of connection and responsiveness. By the time you’re done with this module, you’ll find that the simple, day-to-day exercises of leading and lunging are perfect opportunities to practice being aware of our habits and our horse habits. 

Through everyday interactions and groundwork, we can help our equine partners move correctly and feel good about the work we do with them under saddle. 

In Module 3, you will discover:

  • Proper movement of horse and rider for a comfortable and calm ride
  • How to read a horse’s body language 
  • Essential skills to to lunge a horse correctly and with a purpose 
  • Simple in-hand exercises to improve your horse’s bending and suppleness

Thanks so much for these lungeing videos, Callie! Your tip on sending the horse out to the circle helped me so much–seeing how your shifts in body position and energy influence the horse.

Julianne Rowland

Module 4  The Foundation of Riding

Riding isn’t about looking a certain way or putting your hands and feet in a particular position.

Effective riding is about balance, alignment, and movement principles, taking into account the differences in each rider’s body.

But what does alignment feel like? And how can you use riding aids in a way that allows you to move effortlessly with your horse?

That’s what you’ll learn in Module 4:

  • What the elite in almost every riding discipline have in common (and how you can implement that in your own riding)
  • The different types of seats (and why they matter) 
  • How to ride the walk, trot, and canter so you can stay balanced and not feel “bouncy” or unsteady.
  • Where you hold tension–and how to let go

I am a huge fan of Callie – the time she puts in to present each video/lesson/blogs in a practical easy natured way (beautiful horses too), so easy to understand and put into practise, and any lesson online that offers many aha moments is worth its weight in gold! This online course was just brilliant, a grand investment. I’ve watched many times as a reference point. Thank you so much.

Linda Cox (& Boy), Melbourne, Australia.

Module 5  The Journey of Improvement

Training good movement is about more than a comfortable ride or even a sound horse. A horse who moves well is a horse who can be calm and responsive.

This is why training a horse’s movement is an art required by every discipline of riding, not just dressage horses.

You’ll discover:

  • How the classical training scale applies to every horse and rider – and where you are on this scale
  • The gymnastic exercises you should know (and do with your horse) 
  • How jumping can improve other riding skills (even if you’ve never jumped before)
  • Concepts such as collection and bending (we’ll break these classical tenets down into straightforward explanations for any level of rider)

Callie helps pull riding knowledge together. She has the missing links other instructors tend to leave out!


Module 6  Riding in the Real World

In this final module of the course, we hit the trail! I’ll guide you through how to respond in emergencies and will discuss what truly creates confidence in both riders and horses. We’ll also cover how to determine if you and horse are a good fit for each other (and what to do if you find yourself needing a different partner).

In the last module of the course, you’ll learn:

  • How to respond to real-world emergency situations 
  • How to apply your riding skills on a trail ride
  • What’s different on the trail and what to watch for
  • How to get in the right mindset  (so that fear or worry doesn’t overwhelm your riding) 
  • How to determine if your horse is a good fit for you

I got off track after a bad accident and was never able to get myself back in the saddle on a regular basis.  This course is really great with basics and also learning theory. A plan each day really helped me feel excited about riding again

Eliza Read

Practice and implement what you learn with your 187 page Textbook

In addition to all the video lessons, you’ll also get a 187 page printed textbook with all the theory, explanations, and exercises you need to practice what you learn and excel in the course. 

This is truly your Balanced Riding Course textbook that you can study at home and take to the barn. 

There are QR codes with each lesson, so you can easily navigate to the accompanying video and demonstration. 

This printed textbook will be shipped right to you – no matter where you live!

The Balanced Riding Course Workbook

Get Personalized Feedback On Your Riding With Video Coaching

Have a riding challenge you just can’t solve? Is your horse doing something you don’t know how to change? 

You can send me up to 3 videos throughout the course (within one year of purchase)–and I’ll send you a video back with personalized feedback for what you can do to turn things around. 

Video Coaching with Callie King

Kind Words From Students

Course Bonuses

Bonus #1 - Getting Started with Horses Mini-Course

This 6-part bonus video series, Getting Started with Horses will help you master the basics of riding and horsemanship.
Bonus Getting Started with Horses

By the end of this mini-course, you’ll know how to:  

  • Catch a horse in the field safely and in a way that starts your ride off right
  • Go in and out of a gate, even with other horses around
  • Safely move in and out of even a narrow stall door 
  • Tie with quick-release knots
  • Choose the right equipment for you and your horse
  • The little things to do while tacking up to prepare for your ride

Bonus #2 - Getting the Most from Your Riding Lessons

Having an excellent local instructor is terrific! The Balanced Riding Course is designed to help you get even more out of your lessons–so you understand what your instructor really means when they say things like “bend your elbows” or “sit straight!” 

You’ll learn many things that you probably won’t get in your riding lessons in the course. You’ll learn how to diagnose horse behavior and read body language…how knowledge of anatomy improves your riding…the theory behind riding cues and position…so you know when to use them…. and SO much more. 

You won’t just learn how to sit in the saddle and what to do with your hands–you’ll learn how to speak your horse’s language. 

Another advantage? You can focus, visualize yourself taking the correct steps, and hit rewind as many times as you want! (That last part isn’t easy to do in the arena – our student’s words, not ours!)

Bonus Getting the Most our of Your Lessons

“Some may wonder why I take your courses when I ride 3 days a week with a wonderful trainer. 

The Answer: I can sit quietly, focus, absorb and digest your lessons, visualize myself taking the correct steps or procedures, and hit “rewind” as many times as I need (which is impossible in the arena. LOL!) 

The Payoff: I can see a marked improvement in my skills since taking your courses!” 

– Penny Wilson

This bonus mini-course, Getting the Most From Your Riding Lessons bonus, teaches you how to handle typical “lesson horse” behavior, how to communicate with your riding instructor, tips for riding in groups…and more.

Bonus #3 - Six Audio Lessons to
Follow Along as You Ride

With 6 Bonus Audio Lessons, you’ll have me right in your ear, leading you through warm-up exercises, getting on the horse, feeling your body and setting your posture. 

One of our students used a technique from the audio lesson to get her slow horse to trot easily…

Bonus Along for the Ride Audio Lessons

“So I just wanted to tell you about something that happened on Wings, my current lesson horse. Wings is a big Chestnut, a somewhat slow horse — she can jump and get a move on when a good rider is on her, but she is not a “forward” or anxious horse. She will only move forward when I am balanced, ready, willing…

In fact, two years ago, when I was just starting out, it took about 4 weeks of lessons for me to “get” her to trot, because I was doing that thing you talk about in the audio lesson — where I wwasn’treally, actually, ready to trot, so even tho I seemed like I was cueing her to trot, she absolutely refused to trot. Now I can get her to trot consistently — but occasionally she just stops. 

Two lessons ago: I was in a lesson with another rider/horse duo. So I looked down — and I moved my foot/heel/stirrup back a few inches to get the line-up better.

All of sudden — with no other cue — just moving my legs back and opening my hips… she started to trot!!

But just now, listening to this audio lesson, realized that THE OPEN HIP ANGLE freed her up to move more fluidly. So just now, remembering all that, hearing the audio… understanding the effect that my lined up body and opened hip angle had on her… I just started laughing in sheer delight.

Thanks!!! This course is amazing. Worth every. single. penny.

– Pamela Thacher

Bonus #4 - Horsemanship of Connection Series

I’m confident that by the end of this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of your horse.

But if that’s not enough, the bonus Horsemanship of Connection Series will take a deep dive into horse communication and behavior. It includes:

  1. A 5-part mini course with my mentors, Tim and Bettina Jobe of Natural Lifemanship
  2. Conversations with Horses, a recording that studies videos of wild horse bands (to help us better connect with our own horses)
By the end of this series, you’ll know how to:
  • Read the horse’s emotional and physical state
  • Respond when you feel ignored or threatened by a horse
  • Use pressure without even touching the horse
  • Use your body posture and energy to communicate with your horse

Bonus #5 - Secret Goodie Box

When you join, you’ll want to keep an eye on your mailbox–cause I’ll be sending a few goodies your way (no matter where in the world you live)!

I can’t say any more about it (mum’s the word!), but I think you’ll like what’s inside.

Bonus #6 - Buying Your First Horse EBook

If you are currently riding lesson horses, friends horses, or leasing and thinking about getting your own horse, this book is a practical guide on the process of purchasing a horse.
The dos and don’ts, common mistakes, and often misunderstood parts of finding your equine partner.

I will discuss different kinds of sellers, pre-purchase exams, questions to ask, and more.

*Currently only available through the Balanced Riding Course.

[NEW BONUS] - Rider Exercise Series

Would you love to improve your riding even when you’re not in the saddle, with simple exercises that you could do in 10 minutes a day, even at home?
This is the rider exercise series and I would love to invite you to join me in this rider exercise series for free when you join as a student in the balance riding course. In this six-part exercise series, I’m going to be sharing three of my favorite exercises each week. One for Strength, one for Mobility, and one for Body Awareness!

Study at Your Pace, Because You Will Have LIFETIME ACCESS

No need to rush or finish by a specific time. 

Another bonus of lifetime access? Any time we update or add new course material, you’ll get access.

Many of our alumni have actually taken the course multiple times, gaining new takeaways each time.

“The Balanced Riding Course is excellent, the best I have ever seen!! This is my third time to go through the course, and each time around, new things catch my attention!!

— Teri Henrichs

What Makes this Course Different

The Balanced Riding Course teaches you how to become a confident rider from the ground up. The order is logical, with each module building upon the next, so you won’t be left wondering “what video do I watch next?”

Also, many other programs take a single-solution approach, whereas the Balance Riding Course takes a holistic, open-minded approach. We get to the root of the problem

For example, if your horse is bucking, the solution isn’t punishment or just hanging on. The key is to consider why this is happening so you can solve the core issue. 

Your horse may have pain, they may be unbalanced, or you may be sitting and using your body in a way that’s restricting them. Together, we’ll figure out the cause and how to solve it! 

The Balanced Riding Course isn’t only about riding or training. It combines behavioral science with learning to “feel” what is happening with the horse. 

This course is comprehensive, and the curriculum is diverse, covering theory, practical exercises, self-reflection, and real-life case studies

We know that everyone learns in different ways. Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner (or both!), our multimodal lessons (workbooks, videos, and audio lessons) make it easy to learn.

From Your New Online Riding Instructor - Callie

I would love to have you in the Balanced Riding Course and become your riding coach. Together, we can make your riding dreams happen!

It takes practice and learning, but the feelings of connection, pride of achievement, and knowing you are being the best you can be for your horse is worth it!

I look forward to seeing you in the Balanced Riding Course!

Yes, I want Lifetime Access to The Balanced Riding Course!

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Your Course Includes:

Plus These Bonuses:

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee


I am SO passionate about helping you become a confident, happy rider and want to make it as easy as possible for you to say “yes!” 

That’s why we’re offering the 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel more confident, secure, and happier in the saddle after going through the course, just email [email protected] within 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. 

Still got questions? Here are your answers.

Our free content is a great place to start! But the Balanced Riding Course is meant for you if you want to make every ride count. 

In the course, we piece everything together into a structure that makes it easy to learn. So instead of just watching random videos and piecing together the takeaways, you can consume the content in a logical, structured order. We also provide resources that facilitate learning, like our 187 page workbook and audio lessons. 

PLUS, you get one-on-one video coaching (and individualized feedback on your riding and horse’s behavior).

It depends. Are you planning to return to riding? If so, I recommend enrolling now, at the current price so you’ll lock in lifetime access at this price. 

Then use this time to learn and digest the contents so when you get back on your horse, he (or she) will notice a marked improvement in you… and you will in yourself. 

There are a number of exercises that you can practice at home without even having your horse around. 

When you come back to rewatch the videos when you start riding again, you’ll be miles ahead of where you would have been.

You’ll get access to the digital workbook and bonuses immediately. 

The course is released over an 8-week period (one module per week, with two week breaks built in for you to practice the course exercises so far). 

That way, you have time to watch and digest each module (and don’t feel overwhelmed with everything all at once). 

Many current members don’t own or lease a horse; they ride friend’s horses or ride at a local lesson barn. The Balanced Riding Course is perfect for riders who are just starting out, and this year, I’ve included the mini-course How to Get the Most Our of Your Riding Lessons to provide specific help for riders just like you.

I’m a firm believer that the basic training of horse and rider is the same across disciplines. Horse behavior and the science and art of training don’t change with the saddle a horse is wearing. 

Also, the principles of good alignment, balance, and riding effectiveness apply no matter what style or discipline a rider chooses. Many students in the course ride western, or have Aussie or trail saddles, or ride Saddleseat, and some don’t even ride at all! All disciplines and types of riding are welcome in the Balanced Riding Course!

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