Fundraiser at HorseClass Farm Campus

This event is now closed - Thank you to all who supported!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Farm Celebration and Fundraiser!
Together we donated $17,001!
This event has now closed, but you can still learn more about Healing with Horses Zimbabwe.

Healing with Horses thanks you all!

More About Healing with Horses

The Centre is a non-profit, voluntary organization with 30 trained ponies and horses (mostly rescues) that serves up to 150 disabled children per week.

They rely completely on the kindness of others, including voluntary help, donations and sponsorships to help those in need.

“At the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre we work with a lot of children who have cerebral palsy. CP is a weakness or lack of muscle control that originates in the brain with the result of stiffness, slowness, shakiness and difficulty in balance.

The key to therapy on horseback lies in the movement of a horse. As a horse walks, its center of gravity is displaced three-dimensionally with a movement that is very similar to the action of the human pelvis during gait. The warmth of the horse in conjunction with this movement helps riders relax and teaches their muscles the rhythmical patterns of walking. Their muscles are strengthened by increased use and the exercises stimulate coordination, concentration and memory.

Horses naturally motivate children to move, explore and touch. This natural desire and the reciprocal interaction from a non-judgmental accepting being creates a feeling of safety, achievement, confidence and above all joy in our riders.

Therapy on horseback is not just for people with CP. Children and adults experiencing autism, down syndrome, vision impairment, post-traumatic stress disorder, physical and emotional abuse and depression can all benefit from sustained interaction with horses.”

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