Solutions to Your Biggest Riding Challenges

With Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Feldenkrais for Riders Class with Wendy Murdoch

Feldenkrais® for Riders Class

With Wendy Murdoch

Reprogram old patterns and release pain, tension, and stiffness in this 30 minute class with Wendy Murdoch. 

Did you know that we can move in ways to compensate for old injuries even years after they have healed? But you don’t have to be perfectly straight, even, and flexible to be a great rider! 

In this 30 minute Feldenkrais® for Riders Bonus Class, go through a series of exercises to find your alignment and ease in the most misunderstood riding movements. 

And discover how to move with the least amount of effort, releasing pain, tension, or stiffness along the way! 

This will be a class that you come back to again and again.

Picture someone you know who you would call an “effortless rider”…

It may be someone in your barn, a rider you’ve seen at shows or events, or even someone you’ve watched in a video.

What does that rider look like, how do they move? How does their horse move?

Now think about your own riding… wouldn’t it be a dream come true to feel more like this effortless rider?

Picture yourself riding in this effortless way… confident, in rhythm with your horse…

Maybe cantering across an open field, walking down a wooded trail, performing a flawless leg yield, or smoothly jumping a course of fences.

You may have experienced glimpses of this feeling – moving easily in balance with the horse. It’s a remarkable feeling, and a big part of what makes riding so special.

But so often we lose sight of this feeling. We get confused by the never ending and often conflicting streams of advice and corrections that we get.

“Sit up straighter, heels down, bring your shoulders back, put your leg back, put your leg forward, lift your reins, lower your reins…”

We end up spending our riding time struggling to find the “right” position. The feeling of ease becomes more and more elusive as we strain to hold proper riding posture.

In lessons, we try to do what our instructor asks, but it seems like it’s never enough. Or we fix our position only to go right back to where we were on our next ride.

It’s frustrating! Why can’t I get this? Will I ever be any good at riding? Maybe I just need to get stronger, try harder, ride a different horse…

The truth is that with the right information and a clear understanding of the basic laws of riding, you will be successful!

But a lot of what is taught about riding does not give us this information.

There are these underlying myths and mysteries – things we have been told to do but never really understand. 

In addition, many instructors are “natural” riders – they are great at riding but they’ve never had to stop and think about what they are really doing and how to explain it.

It is difficult for them to relate to a rider who is just starting again and learning as an adult, or to a rider who had an injury and is now returning to riding but finding that their body just doesn’t work the same as it used to… or to a rider that is struggling with fear because they never really feel safe and secure when they’re in the saddle.

When the instructor can’t communicate the change they want to see, and the student doesn’t understand how to make that change, both can become frustrated, and the real purpose of riding – to have fun and connect with the horse – is lost!

Improving our riding is about learning new and better ways of moving so we can feel secure, balanced, and effortless on our horse!

Before we can achieve this, we first need to become aware of our current patterns, understand clearly what we should do differently, and then feel the “new” way so that we can change.

It doesn’t matter if you just started riding, are returning after having ridden as a child or teenager, or if you’ve spent decades in the saddle, we are all affected by our habits and movement patterns.

Good riding instruction needs to give us clear information, simple exercises to find our own patterns, and positive support so we can have fun along the way!

​Introducing The Effortless Rider®️ Course

In The Effortless Rider®️ Course you will find solutions to your biggest riding challenges through simple exercises that help you understand the mechanics of movement to bring ease to your riding.

This Course is taught entirely online through a series of videos – you can access the material anywhere on any device in your own time. The course is delivered over 5 weeks, and since you have lifetime access, you can work at your own pace because you have access to all the lessons forever. Even if you don’t have time to watch the videos now you can return to watch them anytime and as often as you like!

Join The Effortless Rider®️ to understand the laws of great riding and get simple exercises you can do anywhere, whether you are brand new to riding, returning to riding, or have spent years in the saddle.

Throughout this Course you will learn:

5 Weeks Towards Effortless Riding
with Wendy Murdoch

Module 1  Anatomy for Equestrians

Discover how knowing your anatomy can allow you to ride without tension or gripping and use gravity effectively in your riding!

  • Discover the hidden secrets of your own anatomy and how knowing your body can make you a better rider
  • See the skeletal view of horse and rider to understand the concept of “riding with your bones”
  • Understand how the horse needs to move to carry the weight of a rider for a sound horse and a comfortable ride

Module 2  Riding Mysteries Explained

Bust common riding myths and understand the most effective riding position by seeing the function of horse and rider together.

  • Visualize your riding in a brand new way!
  • See from an anatomical perspective why common riding tips like heels down can be so dangerous
  • Learn about the horse’s sling mechanism and why he needs to engage it to carry your weight in the saddle
  • Try an easy exercise to feel for yourself the importance of lifting the back to bear weight (you’ll never forget this feeling!)

Module 3  Unmounted Exercises

Change your internal body map by learning new ways of moving that allow you to break out of old habits and find those “I get it!” moments.

  • Understand why its so hard to change our riding with just verbal instruction (it has to do with your body map)
  • Change your own body map through a number of exercises to bring awareness to the most important muscles and joints in your body that are used when riding
  • Learn the power of a mirror to train your brain to achieve symmetry in your body and release pain from old injuries
  • Get exercises you can do anywhere, so you can practice your riding every day

Module 4  Riding with Ease

See the difference in both horse and rider as Wendy demonstrates riding with ease as well as getting “stuck” in old riding myths like heels down or shoulders back.

  • Learn how common riding myths can make it impossible to progress in your riding
  • Can you post the trot but have trouble sitting? Try this simple exercise for going from posting to sitting
  • Ride better circles and turns by understanding how to guide your horse with your hips, not just your reins

Module 5  See it in Action

Now watch as other riders completely change their position, improving their balance, stability, and confidence, as well as the posture and movement of their horse – often with just a simple exercise! 

  • Watch Wendy work with a variety of different riders
  • See Wendy’s famous “fixes” in action helping riders with an uneven seat, difficulty steering their horse, a too-tight core, and more
  • Notice how the horses change with the riders

Also Included with the Course


Test your new anatomy skills and learn how different parts of the body function as you ride.

These simple tips make it easy to remember the most important parts of your body for riding and how they compare to your horse.

Look forward to a weekly supply of Equi-Tips with each Module!

Extra Bonuses

Included For Free When You Join

Video Coaching with Wendy

As a special bonus, you will get to work one on one with Wendy through video coaching!

Send in TWO videos of you and your horse and get Wendy’s expert eye on something you need help with and instruction on how you can improve.

This is a great opportunity to focus on a limitation, challenge or goal as you go through the course and get that extra personal touch from Wendy!

The 5 Minute Fixes Masterclass

Watch Wendy in action as she demonstrates how to use her most popular riding “fixes” -use these quick and simple exercises to improve your posture and stability as a rider. A great supplemental reference to the riding fixes that Wendy covers in the course.

Saddle Fitting Module

The way your saddle fits both you and your horse has a huge impact on your riding and your horse’s movement – good or bad.

​In this Bonus Module you will learn how to tell if your saddle fits you and your horse.

How Does The Course Work?


Go At Your
Own Pace

When you join The Effortless Rider Course, you’re in for life. There is no expiration date, and your access to the videos will never go away. Plus you can join in future rounds and deepen your effortless riding skills.


Get Your Questions

As with all our premium courses, this is a well supported program – to make sure you keep making progress and don’t get stuck.

Ask Wendy any questions under each lesson video as you move through the course and get invaluable feedback and insights through your Video Coaching with Wendy.


Get Feedback When you are ready

You have a full year to send in your videos for feedback from Wendy. 

Study, practice, and get help when you need! 

Messages from Students

"I was ready to quit..."

"Riding discipline doesn't matter"

"Helped immensely in becoming a better rider"

"Doing less for lighter and more enjoyable riding"

Kind Words from Students


You will have access to Lesson 1 as soon as you join, and then a new lesson will be released each week. You are free to work at your own pace however, as your access to this course never expires.

The course is delivered entirely online through digital video you can watch on any device with an internet connection!

The BONUS Saddle Fitting Module and the 5 Minute Fixes Masterclass are available online with the other Course Modules to be watched whenever you like.

Most of the content in this Course is information Wendy has not published anywhere before. It is a program with a complete lesson in anatomy and the mechanics of movement, taught with horse and human skeletons (and then real horses and humans!). In addition, through the online Course you ask questions directly in the comments below the videos and in the Q&A session, so you have personal interaction with Wendy Murdoch that is just not available through books or DVDs. ​
While most of the Course content is delivered over the internet, the videos can be customized for playback in slow internet areas. Our CRK Training Support Team is always here to help you get the tech side of things going so you can get the most out of your Course. ​If you do join and find that you can’t participate in the Course as you hoped, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. ​

No need to be online at any specific times – you can watch the videos and submit your questions whenever you have time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time right now, you have lifetime access to the Course and can go through at your own pace – you can hit pause and rewind as often as you like to watch and absorb the pieces that are particularly important to you at any given time.

There is a lot of unmounted work included in this Course so even if you can’t ride right now, you can still be learning and improving!

You can become an Effortless Rider!

When you invest in an online course, you are investing in the future of you and your horse. You are making an investment that will never expire and that you can return to again and again as you continue to learn and improve.

It is difficult to put a value on seeing your riding transform, and of recognizing the difference this makes for your horse!

Imagine settling into the saddle and feeling secure, knowing how to give effective cues to communicate with your horse and to move effortlessly with them.

​Think of the feeling of trotting off balanced and relaxed, of picking up a canter with ease, or riding a halt barely touching the reins.

For less than the price of going to most clinics, you can get all the resources of this course, plus Wendy’s one on one feedback through the video coaching, and all the bonus material – and return to these resources as often as you need!

We would love to have you join us in The Effortless Rider®️ Course!

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Here is Exactly What You Will Receive as a New Member​

Effortless Rider Course Graphic

Your Course Includes:

5 Weeks of Online Course Content

  • Module 1: Anatomy for Equestrians 
  • Module 2: Riding Mysteries Explained 
  • Module 3: Unmounted Exercises
  • Module 4: Riding with Ease
  • Module 5: See it in Action

5 Weeks of Equi-Tips

Lifetime Access to the Course

​Your Bonuses Include:

2x Video Coaching with Wendy

The 5 Minute Fixes Masterclass

Saddle Fitting Module

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