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... we found ourselves together, in my filthy old car, slamming up a dirt track to the farm where we kept our horses. I was telling my friend about my crazy idea, how I wanted to take a horse, broken by life, destined for the meat man and walk across Costa Rica with them, coast to coast. I wanted to learn about them and from them, navigating the twists and turns of life in motion"…"Would I have done it if I had known what lay ahead? I question that sometimes.”

Follow this epic story of a woman and a horse.

In this vivid journey, Andrea shares her path from the world of domination and control over horses to awakening to a new way of being. With Zeus’ grace and guidance, the two travel side by side on the trek of a lifetime.

Through the eyes of Zeus, one horse’s heartbreaking experiences in the cruel world of the “two-legs” comes to light.

Walk with Andrea and Zeus through the indiginous wilds of Costa Rica. Share their life-changing adventure as their paths intertwine, weaving the constraints of traditional human-horse ties into a whole new experience of freedom and natural connection.

This is a book of triumph, celebrating the strength of spirit and what can exist beyond forgiveness.

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Crossing Bridges

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Crossing Bridges

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