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Thank you for joining this special bundle!​

If you would like to accelerate your progress with a small group experience over the next 5 weeks, we invite you to join the first ever Live Call Coaching Series “Accelerate your Riding. Amplify your Life.” with Equestrian Life Coach, Jenna Knudsen.

If the past two years were not your best, you are not alone.

This year can be different…the year of moving forward, the year of security, of more riding time, better health, and improved relationships.

What would it feel like to be surrounded by positive people and feeling supported every day?

Set yourself up for success to Live a Life You Love.

Here’s a personal message from your new accelerator coach, Jenna…

Meet Jenna Knudsen, Our Equestrian Life Coach at HorseClass

Jenna is dedicated to ensuring that equestrians live lives they love, every day!

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Jenna has been personal and group coaching for the past 7 years and her clients rave about their results.

And the best part is Jenna is an equestrian that coaches solely other equestrians. She knows and understands the lifestyle and the challenges. Whether your challenges and obstacles feel insurmountable, or you just need a push, direction and some accountability, Jenna is here to help you.

If you have time challenges, can’t seem to progress financially, are stuck in a J-O-B, not getting enough barn time, family expectations, the list never ends…

Well, now for the first time ever, we are announcing this special way to be coached by Jenna.

New Course! New Year!

Small group with the focus on YOU! 

Accelerate Your Ride. Amplify Your Life.

Get the attention you need with Jenna as your personal coach in an exclusive program never offered before.

Join In Now as space is limited to coach with Jenna.

Get your seat today and get ready for a great 2022!

Join us now… the starting gates are loading 🐴🐴🐴

Through the next 5 weeks, Jenna will guide you through the following program:

Week 1


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Create Your Equestrian Life Vision

Magic Wand

Get clear on what is important to you and what you truly want to feel and experience this year. With a vision to pull you forward, you can tackle any obstacles!

Week 2


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Your Belief System Around Your Equestrian Life


Beliefs are powerful, and they shape how we feel and what we do every day. In this week, create a belief system that support you in and out of the saddle.

Week 3


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Goal Setting for Your Equestrian Year


We will determine your core values and how they align with your horsemanship, as well as the goals that will bring your equestrian vision to life.

Week 4


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Creating Daily Practices That Move You Towards Your Equestrian Goals


Find the daily actions to keep you engaged and moving forward. Learn how the power of consistency, even with the smallest actions, literally changes your way of thinking, and makes every future change easier!

Week 5


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Using Leg Up Coaching Accountability To WIN at Your Equestrian Life That You Love

Learn the power of accountability and how to stay involved in your own community in Leg Up Coaching!

Here is exactly what you will receive if you choose to join in:

Accelerate your Riding. Amplify your Life.

With Equestrian Life Coach, Jenna Knudsen

Accelerate Your Ride. Amplify Your Life.

Typical cost of Personal Coaching with Jenna $975

Normal Live Call Series Price $725

Today's Price Only $497

Coming Soon!